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Sumario del n° 6 (2008) de EFFLR

En el último número de EFFLR se han publicado, entre otros, los siguientes artículos:
  • Marco Bronckers and Ravi Soopramanien, "The Impact of WTO Law on European Food Regulation". (no abstract available)
  • Jean Savigny and Leticia Lizardo, "Risk Communication to the Public- Responsibilities to Stakeholders". (no abstract available)
  • Christian Hauer, "Using the Designation 'Parmesan' for Hard Cheese (Grated Cheese) of Non-Italian Origin". (no abstract available)
  • Peter Dévényi, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – the three Faces of the Act on Pálinka in Hungary in the Light of better Regulation". (no abstract available)
  • Bernd Haber und Sieglinde Stähle, "Nanotechnology in Foods – Fact or Fiction?"? (abstract: http://www.lexxion. eu/effl/current_ issue.php )
  • Barbara Klaus and Alfred Hagen Meyer, "The Liability of the Distributors in the Event of Infringements of Food Law – Case involving Lidl Italia: the Judgments of the European > Court of Justice and the 'Giudice di Pace' of Monselice, Italy". (abstract: http://www.lexxion. eu/effl/current_ issue.php )
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