miercuri, aprilie 30, 2008

N° 2 (2008) de la revista "European Food and Feed Law Review"

En el último número de EFFLR se han publicado, entre otros, los siguientes artículos:

● Robert Riedl y Christina Riedl, "Shortcomings of the new European Food Hygiene Legislation from the Viewpoint of a Competent Authority";

● Hanna Zakowska, "Polish Packaging Waste Management System";

● Patrick Coppens, "The Use of Botanicals in Food Supplements and Medicinal Products: The Co-existence of two Legal Frameworks"; y

● Nadja Bauer y Fabian Baumann, "The Task Force on Food Safety of the Bavarian State Office of Health and Food Safety (LGL)".

Para más información: http://www.lexxion.de/effl/index.html

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