miercuri, iunie 29, 2016

● Hamish Renton, “The future of the global free-from market”

Agro FOOD Indusrty Hi Tech, Vol. 27 nº 3 (2016) 5-8.


The global free from market has seen significant growth over the last five years in particular and this growth is showing no signs of stopping. Improvements in coeliac disease awareness and diagnosis coupled with a growing perception that free from automatically means healthier are both factors which are contributing to growth. However, free from manufacturers must continue to innovate to deal with emerging threats in the category, not least the growing awareness that free from products can be less healthy than regular products. Another consideration for manufacturers is the emergence of the low FODMAP diet as an alternative for those seeing themselves as ‘gluten sensitive’.

Keywords: Free from, gluten free, lactose free, FODMAP, coeliac disease, gluten intolerance, naturally gluten free