miercuri, iunie 15, 2016

Envisioning a future without food waste and food poverty: Societal challenges

Table of contents

Foreword - Leire Escajedo San-Epifanio and Mertxe de Renobales Scheifler

Food loss and waste: some short- and medium-term proposals for the European Union - L. González Vaqué

Edible but unmarketable food: some legal problems to be solved on food waste prevention - A. Arroyo Aparicio

Reducing obesity, food poverty and future health costs in Ireland – a proposal for health-related taxation -  C. Loughnane and M. Murphy

Food laws and labelling as a contributor to food waste - E. Lissel

Values in the trash: ethical aspects of food waste - M. Gjerris and S. Gaiani

- Agri-food industries and the challenge of reducing food wastage: an analysis of legal opportunities - M. Alabrese, M. Brunori, S. Rolandi and A. Saba

From food waste to wealth: valuing excess food in France and the USA - M. Mourad